Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm a crappy blogger.....but oh well..its not like i get paid for this!!

Its been two whole years since i have written anything at all on my stagnation but since then i have lived a about a dozen different lives..
had numerous hobbies and adventures some good....others not so good...and some sooooo awesome that i bawled!!!

I've jumped on a few bandwagons then promptly fell off, exercising being one of them...after my jump rope assaulted me!!

Faced down a pair of jeans in mortal combat that i owned had before my daughter was born AND I WON...or so i thought until i ate..i not only had to unbuckle..but unpin and unzip also

Had my "kiss in a rainstorm notebook moment" and lived to tell about it...take that!..girl who kissed ryan gosling in the movie (wait..that scene happened in that movie right...or was it another..anywho I HAD IT)

AND...AND ...AND.....i tried a wig for the 1st time (outside of my usual holloween exploits) AND...AND...AND...actually wore it outside!!!....i made it myself *big girl voice* got a million pin pricks.....i am now doing my jedi mind training to try WEAVES!!...

Murdered about 3 laptops....was messy...brutal...lost lots of pics (i'm afraid for the one i now own..they just die..they all die)

 Expressed a million opinions on other people's blogs/facebook/youtube pages etc while neglecting my own back yard....imagine that!!!

I have decided to return to my space ...BUT(there always is a but...why are you surprised!!)for how long and how frequent i cannot say, I MAKE NO PROMISES....but for now..i'm here...i'm back...ENJOY IT!!(me)

I would post an appropriate picture...but they are trapped in the last laptop i mortally wounded!!

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