Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 1st Cassia Experiment

ok so at the urging of a friend who shall remain nameless..she recently tried henna and was very impressed so like a good friend she practically collared me and insisted that i tried it also...and like any good friend i decided to blindly jump on the bandwagon and try a henna treatment i whip out my credit card and I'm reading, reading, reading..... henna highlights your hair!! Wait what!!.... gradually.......but still RED!!! 

Oh heck no hold the phone...this was a big problem but my trepidation didnt seem to deter her...she kept right on trying to convince me that surely, the miraculous benefits of henna was worth the leap into red hair kingdom.
unhappy hair
Nuh uh hunny, was my first response, when i first quit my addiction to the creamy crack aka perm, a red box of dye followed me home from the beauty supply store the same day but our relationship only lasted approximately 3 months, I hated it.  But now, desperation was fast seeping in and I was  speaking as a repeat offender/victim of frizzy dry hair monster that had started shedding like a poisoned dog.   Suddenly  red hair didnt seem so bad :'(

Anyway a stubborn bone in me urged me to not just become a red headed banshee so easily (no offense to the red heads) I did lots of research online and searched for an alternate option and thank god i kept on reading. I stumbled upon henna's neutral cousin Cassia which had the same great potential but without dying my hair red......thats all i needed to hear i got on line and ordered forthwith. The price for the Cassia was pretty decent but lord have mercy the shipping price can slay dragons it was steep, sharp, if nothing else it surely slayed my budget. Any-who the price of beauty always is costly so i squeezed my eyes shut and clicked on the order button.

 When it arrived i read the instructions but decided to put my spin on it. The package says you can just add water. I added honey,banana,castor oil and conditioner then  worked it onto every strand of hair, finally i slipped on a heat cap then sat under the dryer for jesus knows how long.........when i woke was the next day and my pillow case was filthy....dont judge me i was tired........
Cassia's colour is forest green and smells like chicken poop.............yes i know what chicken poop smells like i'm from Antigua..... google its not a part of Jamaica.

Before my cassia arrived in the mail i read dozens of reviews and every one's mantra was the same, rinse, rinse, rinse then rinse again.....then after that....rinse like holy hell again. Turns out residual cassia particles in styled hair is a horrible thing.....nothing like a little left over conditioner or condition will be dry, dull and have a smarmy feel to it....ick. So i rinsed like there was no tomorrow.......until i felt sure that my skin was gonna flow down the drain. Then i deep conditioned with castor oil, honey, banana, conditioner avocado oil and lemon.......the lemon brightens my hair colour. Then i style as are my results
before the treatment
the two strand twists

separating the twists

what frizz?